High Octane Performance

– Increased power and acceleration
– Superior octane rating of 100–105
– Reduces emissions and air pollution

Flex Fuel E85 is designed for Flex Fuel vehicles.

The Benefits of Propel Flex Fuel E85
Fueling with Flex Fuel E85

Propel Flex Fuel E85 is made for the way you live. Whether it’s your morning commute or family road trip, Flex Fuel E85 delivers performance and savings at every turn. High-octane E85 is compatible with all Flex Fuel vehicles and can be used interchangeably with gasoline. E85 is comprised of 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline and is derived from fermented starch and sugars.


E85 is an ethanol-based, clean-burning alternative to petroleum gasoline. It is performance-optimized for use in Flex Fuel vehicles. E85′s octane rating is 100-105, considerably higher than premium gasoline (91 octane). It increases vehicle horsepower and acceleration, especially in higher compression engines.


Unlike petroleum, E85 is made from renewable resources like corn and next generation sources such as switchgrass and agricultural waste material. Using E85 not only decreases CO2 emissions by over 28% (Argonne National Laboratory, GREET); it has also helped cut the consumption of crude oil by nearly one million barrels a day.

Air Quality and Environment

Ethanol reduces smog and air toxins, such as benzene, by 70%, and tailpipe particulate matter (PM 2.5) emissions by 34%. Ethanol is rapidly biodegradable in surface water, ground water and soil. Next-generation ethanol produced from cellulosic materials can offer even greater benefits with an 85% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions

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Our Performance Guarantee
Propel fuels are the highest-quality fuels available. Drive with confidence knowing we’ll fix or replace any damage to your engine or fuel system in the unlikely event that our fuel is determined to be the cause of that damage.

What’s being said

Mike Collepardi‎, CA
“I fuel with Propel because it saves us money, is better for the environment, and most importantly lets us attend more car shows with the money we save over regular fuel.”
Tanner Bruce‎, Victorville, CA
“Propel powers my big rig and my race car! Wouldn’t use any other brand. We’re due for an E85 station in the Victorville area!”
Ernie Hernandez, Bell Gardens, CA
“We fuel with Propel because it lets us enjoy driving the family around without spending a boatload of money.”
Dennis Sato‎, CA
“Propel E85 creates as much horsepower as VP or Sunoco...for much less!”
Paolo Riccetti‎, San Francisco, CA
“More boost and American made, what else could you want!?”
Jose Garcia‎ Valinda, CA
“I love the performance of my 2015 Grand Cherokee and E85 fuel mileage is awesome.”
Darian Wilcox‎, CA
“I run Propel E85 because I never have to worry about getting an inconsistent blend at the pump. Their quality fuel is helping power my 850 WHP Supra.”
Ian Urabus‎, CA
“The fuel is great, provides great power when you need it. The car is currently at 421 all wheel horsepower and 451 all wheel torque. Meanwhile at 91 rated octane would only pump out 360 all wheel horsepower and similar torque number.”
Walter Lopez, Pomona, CA
“I only use ethanol to drive all over California.”
Nate Rodriguez‎, CA
“Absolutely phenomenal company and great people. Only Propel E85 for this beast. “
More power, clean emissions and the best value at the pump.
More power and super clean for any diesel engine.

Clean Diesel Power

– Increased power and torque
– Higher cetane than regular diesel
– Cleaner combustion and emissions

Diesel HPR meets the ASTM D975
diesel specification for use in diesel engines.

The Benefits of Diesel HPR
Fueling with Diesel HPR

Propel Diesel HPR is a premium fuel engineered to maximize performance of your clean diesel engine. Diesel HPR meets the ASTM D975 diesel specification (ULSD) for use in all diesel engines. Refined from recycled fats and oils, Diesel HPR outperforms both petroleum diesel and biodiesel in performance, emissions and value.


Performance formulated Diesel HPR has a cetane rating up to 75+, 40% higher than regular diesel, for smoother combustion and a better ride. Diesel HPR combusts more efficiently, which means more power and torque for your rig. And unlike biodiesel, Diesel HPR provides uncompromised cold weather performance. Diesel HPR is additized to provide excellent lubricity in all driving conditions and exceeds ULSD lubricity specification.


Propel Diesel HPR is not biodiesel, however, it is manufactured from similar renewable biomass sources including recycled fats and oils. Refined from renewable biomass through advanced hydrotreating technology, Propel Diesel HPR meets the toughest specifications required by automotive and engine manufacturers. This allows Diesel HPR to be used by any diesel vehicle.

Air Quality and EnvironmentThe California Air Resources Board classifies Diesel HPR, also known as renewable diesel, as an ultra-low carbon fuel. The fuel can achieve a 40-80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared to fossil diesel. In addition, Propel Diesel HPR:

- Reduces NOx emissions by up to 14% and particulates (PM 2.5) by 29% compared to petroleum diesel

- Is sulfur-free, aromatics-free and virtually odorless, in 100% renewable diesel form

Outperforming B20

Diesel HPR outperforms Biodiesel B20, delivering more power and lower emissions. Diesel HPR is made from 98% renewable content, while B20 biodiesel is 20% renewable and 80% petroleum. Unlike biodiesel, Diesel HPR provides uncompromised cold weather performance.

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Our Performance Guarantee
Propel provides the highest-quality fuels available. Drive with confidence knowing Propel will fix or replace any damage to your engine or fuel system in the unlikely event that our fuel is determined to be the cause of that damage.

What’s being said

James, Point Richmond, CA
“After running Diesel HPR fuel, my truck feels like it has more torque. There seems to be better fuel economy too, 1.5-2 mpg better with HPR. I also notice significantly less smoke. Even running B20 my truck would lightly smoke under hard acceleration. Now there is just a thin wisp of grey smoke. And the lubricity additive looks like it will do the job.”
Nathan, Sacramento, CA
“I want to congratulate you on bringing such a fine product to market. I am astounded at how much cleaner my car exhaust is with the Diesel HPR. Even after a cold start, there is now no odor coming from the tailpipe. It is truly amazing. Also my car is running great on the new fuel. Now I just need a bumper sticker that advertises the virtues of Diesel HPR.”
William R., RCI Custom Carpentry- Fremont, CA
“I have been using Diesel HPR for the last few months. I have found it to be cleaner burning, I have better gas mileage, and the vehicle is quieter with no adverse effects.”
David, Dixon, CA
“With Diesel HPR, I’ve found my new fuel. It runs great in my truck! I immediately noticed a smoother idle. Any visible smoke trail has all but disappeared with Diesel HPR.”
John, Sacramento, CA
“I am an HPR convert. My car runs great on HPR. I will tell everyone I know to try your fuel.”
Doran, Reno, NV
“I was happy to find out that the price was very competitive. My passion comes from the desire to help our environment, AND that my truck happens to run much better on your HPR. I get better fuel mileage and way less smoke. My truck loves the HPR, this fuel needs to be everywhere.”
Don, Newport Coast, CA
“Diesel HPR runs great in our Winnebago/Sprinter truck and also in our Onan 3.2kW diesel generator. Thanks for your insight and great products! Next step for us “going green” is probably solar panels on our house.”
Gregory, Concord, CA
“I’ve always wanted to be more environmentally friendly and the new HPR has opened that door for me. Thanks for your time and hard work bringing these awesome new alternative fuels to those of us who love our diesels as much as our environment!”
Erik, Folsom, CA
“I’m thrilled to have Diesel HPR available to me here in CA. I could tell a difference in the way my car ran within 10 min. Now I will only fill up with HPR. I look forward to new pumps being installed in the future. I’ll keep up on it and follow your progress.”
Alan, Cameron AMSOIL- San Carlos
“Our trucks are running better than ever because of your Diesel HPR. I just wish it was available in more locations.”
Ken, Silver Lake, CA
“My miles-per-gallon was the best in the five years I’ve owned the car.”
Laurence, San Francisco, CA
“Great product! I am already seeing an increase in mileage in my 2011 VW Jetta wagon. I hope to see a pump in San Francisco. Thanks from your loyal customer.”
Heather, Wildomar, CA
“In San Jose I had the opportunity to fuel my 2012 VW Golf TDI with your product and was pleased with the fuel economy my car got on the way home to Wildomar, CA. I was wondering if there were any plans for future locations in SoCal?”