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Propel Fuels Introduces B20 Biodiesel in Bay Area

Company responds to consumer demand for higher blends of renewable fuels, at affordable price

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. (August 3, 2011) - Propel Fuels (, a leading retailer of clean, renewable fuels, today began selling B20 biodiesel at three of the company’s stations in the Bay Area in an effort to bring increasingly sustainable fuels to California’s drivers. Propel’s B20 is a blend of 20 percent premium-quality, American made biodiesel and of 80 percent petro-diesel, providing increased performance, longer engine life and reduced emissions. Propel is adding B20 to locations in Berkeley and two locations in San Jose in response to growing consumer demand for higher blends of renewable fuels.

“As high fuel prices force drivers to think about what they put in their tanks, we are proud to offer a higher blend of biodiesel that provides premium performance and guaranteed quality at no additional cost,” said Matt Horton, CEO of Propel. “We’ve seen an elevated interest in higher-blend biodiesel offerings from Bay Area drivers, in particular. By providing this new choice at the pump, we are enabling these drivers to make even greater progress towards reducing carbon emissions and our nation’s dependence on imported oil.”

Sourced from recycled vegetable oils, Propel’s B20 provides significant performance and efficiency benefits to diesel engines, reduces harmful emissions and is compatible with current diesel vehicles. Auto manufacturers are now producing more diesel vehicles, which are fully compatible with B20, including all 2011 GM and Ford diesel vehicles and Cummins engines. Propel has sold B20 in Washington State since 2007 with a very positive response from consumers. For more information on Propel’s B20, visit:

Propel is now selling B20 at its Berkeley (849 University Avenue) and San Jose (1002 N. 1st Street and 790 Montague Expressway) locations. More detailed site location information and maps are available at: In addition to biodiesel blends, Propel sells Flex Fuel E85 at all of its California locations.
About PropelHeadquartered in Redwood City, California, Propel builds, owns and operates a network of Clean Fuel Points – green-built, self-serve filling stations providing convenient access to clean, American, low carbon fuels. The company offers drivers and fleets a cleaner fuel choice that makes progress towards lowering America’s dependence on foreign oil, reducing carbon emissions, and creating jobs. Propel has also developed CleanDrive®, the nation’s first integrated carbon emission reduction tracking platform. Propel operates a growing network of locations providing cleaner mobility options in California and Washington State. More information is available at