Same car, less carbon.

You don’t need a new car to have a smaller carbon footprint.
Only Propel allows you to CarbonOffset your fuel purchase right from the pump, effectively offsetting the carbon emissions associated with your fuel purchase by directly funding clean air projects. So whether your car is old or new, big or small, you still have the power to choose something better that can help improve the health of our planet.

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CarbonOffset How-To

Our CarbonOffset Partner

Carbonfund LogoPropel is proud to work with Foundation, a national organization leading the way to a ZeroCarbon world through climate change education, public outreach and carbon offsets and reductions. Current carbon offset projects focus on renewable energy, methane capture, energy efficiency, reforestation and more.

CarbonOffset Spotlight Project: Truck Stop Electification

truck_stopNearly half a million long-haul trucks take to America’s roads each day. During rest periods, many truck drivers keep their cabs comfortable by idling their engines, effectively burning through gallons of diesel fuel.

The Truck Stop Electrification Project, certified by both and the Environmental Resource Trust, now offers drivers in CA and other states the opportunity to access heating, cooling, internet, television, telephone and other amenities by plugging into grid-powered electricity. On top of reducing CO2 emissions by 90 percent, Truck Stop Electrification improves air quality around truck stops and surrounding communities, offering drivers, employees and residents a cleaner environment with fewer harmful air pollutants.

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CarbonOffset and CleanDrive®

Propel’s proprietary CleanDrive program is a simple, free way to track and report your CO2 emissions reductions as a result of the CarbonOffset program. CleanDrive reporting is a fun way to share the positive impact of your choices with family members, customers or even students. It’s fast to sign up, and tracking your first fill is as easy as entering your phone number the next time you’re at the pump. Plus, only Propel CleanDrive members receive exclusive promotions and announcements and are registered to win free Propel fuel and other prizes with every fill.

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