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As a leading provider of renewable fuels, Propel is always seeking ways to bring additional fuel choices to America’s drivers. This month, Propel Fuels and Solazyme are partnering up to launch the nation’s first publicly available algae-derived biodiesel at Propel stations across the Bay Area. In this month-long pilot program, Solazyme’s high quality algae-based SoladieselBD will be offered in a B20 blend for the same price as conventional diesel fuels.

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What is algae biodiesel?

Propel’s B20 is made of 20% SoladieselBD (an algae-derived biodiesel made by Solazyme) and 80% petroleum diesel. Domestically produced from micro algae that efficiently convert sugars into renewable oil, SoladieselBD is a clean-burning, precision quality fuel that is compatible with all diesel vehicles.

For more information about SoladieselBD, the production process and technical specs, please visit Solazyme’s Fuels page.

Who can use algae biodiesel?

Like all of Propel’s high quality biodiesel blends, Biodiesel B20 featuring SoladieselBD is compatible with all existing diesel engines. SoladieselBD meets or exceeds ASTM quality specifications and has shown performance enhancements including cold temperature operating performance. And of course, Propel’s algae biodiesel is backed by our Performance Guarantee.


Where can I find algae biodiesel?

Act fast! This groundbreaking fuel will be available for a limited time exclusively at Propel’s Clean Fuel Points in Redwood City, San Jose (North 1st Street), Berkeley, and Oakland.

For station addresses and driving directions, visit our Locations page.


About Solazyme

Our Bay Area neighbor to the North, South San Francisco-based Solazyme is leading the development of algae-derived oils, including oil for fuel products ranging from drop-in renewable diesel to renewable aviation and other transportation fuels, delivering innovative, precision-quality fuels across the industry. Learn more about how Solazyme’s algae-derived oils are changing the world at

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