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Propel’s biodiesel and Flex Fuel E85 products displace imported oil, reduce your carbon footprint and enhance the performance of your vehicle. We provide our customers with the most local and sustainable fuels that meet our cost and quality standards. And our attention to quality control guarantees our fuels meet the highest standards, every time.

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We look forward to using the infrastructure we’re building for today’s fuels to leverage future technologies.


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Clean-burning E85 is compatible with all Flex Fuel vehicles and is comprised of 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline. E85 is derived from fermented starch and sugars and is an alternative to conventional petroleum gasoline.

Decreases CO2 output by 21% as compared to conventional unleaded gasoline

Reduces harmful particulate matter (PM) emissions by 50% and decreases smog-forming pollution

High octane rating improves engine power and performance

100% compatible with Flex Fuel vehicles and may be used interchangeably with gasoline

Propel biodiesel blends are compatible with every diesel engine. Made from sustainable resources such as waste vegetable or soybean oils, biodiesel improves both engine performance and the health of our environment.

Produces cleaner emissions, reducing CO2 and other toxins

Increases fuel lubricity and cetane for longer engine life and easier engine starting

Available in blends from B5 (5% biodiesel) to B99 (99.9% biodiesel) depending on location

Compatible with existing diesel vehicles and may be used interchangeably with petroleum diesel

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Now Available at Select Locations: Carbon Offset Your Fuel Purchase

You don’t need a new car to have a smaller carbon footprint. At Propel’s Clean Mobility Centers, you can now CarbonOffset your conventional fuel purchase right from the pump, effectively offsetting the carbon emissions associated with your fuel purchase by directly funding clean air projects.

Learn more about Carbon Offset

Our Performance Guarantee

Propel fuels are the highest-quality fuels available. Drive with confidence knowing we’ll fix or replace any damage to your engine or fuel system in the unlikely event that our fuel is determined to be the cause of that damage.

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Our Fuels