Our fuels

High Performance Fuels

Propel’s Flex Fuel E85 and Clean Diesel fuels improve the performance
of your vehicle while cutting back on harmful emissions. Propel now offers
two quality clean diesel fuels at select locations, Diesel HPR and Biodiesel.

Diesel HPR

Now available in Northern California.

Diesel HPR is a high performance renewable fuel that meets the ASTM D975 petroleum diesel specification for use in all diesel engines.

Learn more at DieselHPR.com

High-octane E85 is compatible with all Flex Fuel vehicles. Comprised of 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline, E85 is derived from fermented starch and sugars. E85 increases engine performance over conventional gasoline, while improving local air quality.

Improves horsepower and acceleration with a high octane rating of 100 – 105

Reduces poisonous emissions including NOx, particulate matter (PM), and Carbon Monoxide (CO)

Decreases carbon pollution gasses


100% compatible with Flex Fuel vehicles and may be used interchangeably with gasoline

Propel’s B20 biodiesel is compatible with diesel engines and is approved by manufacturers including Ford, Chevy, Jeep, Dodge, Cummins and Isuzu. Check vehicle owner’s manual. Made from clean biomass sources, biodiesel improves both engine performance and the quality of the air we breathe.

Increases fuel lubricity over petroleum diesel (ULSD) for longer engine life and a smoother ride

Higher Cetane rating reduces ignition delay and improves fuel combustion

Produces cleaner emissions, reducing air toxins, and harmful greenhouse gasses

Compatible with diesel vehicles and may be used interchangeably with petroleum diesel (ULSD)

Our Performance Guarantee

Propel fuels are the highest-quality fuels available. Drive with confidence knowing we’ll fix or replace any damage to your engine or fuel system in the unlikely event that our fuel is determined to be the cause of that damage.

Future Fuel Technologies

Today, and tomorrow, Propel offers the most advanced fuels available. Find out what the future holds.


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