Our stations

Not your average fuel station.

Propel is building a better kind of fuel company by offering drivers expanded choices at the pump along with free tools and resources to improve daily transportation. Propel’s stations offer both conventional fuels and alternatives to petroleum, providing a selection of high-performance, premium-quality, renewable fuels at locations convenient for today’s drivers. These stations support Propel’s vision of Fueling Change: enabling consumers to reach their destination while reducing the impact on the environment.

Three unique station designs. New opportunities to fuel better, today.

Building a better kind of fuel company starts by creating a better station experience. Propel was founded to offer consumers cleaner, more sustainable, domestic fuel choices that reduce the impact on our environment. To do so, we’ve established three station models designed to meet the varying needs of both renewable fuel-capable and conventional vehicle drivers in today’s most progressive markets.


1) Clean Fuel Points

Propel’s Clean Fuel Points are owned and operated by Propel. Our CFPs are designed to be located at existing gas stations. To that end, we partner with station owners to make it easy for customers to find and fill with clean, renewable fuels. In addition, our CFPs leave little impact on the environment and are designed with the highest safety standards in mind.

Quick to deploy, easy to spot and convenient to access, Clean Fuel Points offer:

  • High-Quality Renewable Fuel Blends
    Clean, thoroughly tested fuel blends designed to improve the environment, the domestic economy and vehicle performance
  • Convenient Payment Options
    24 Hour Access, Accepts Fleet Cards, Debit and all Credit Cards; Cash program available at select locations
  • Integrated CleanDrive Reduced Emissions Reporting
    Track reductions in carbon, petroleum and foreign oil every time you enter your phone number at the pump. Sign up today
  • LED Price Signs
    American Steel and Recycled Aluminum Composite, LED backlit for high visibility
  • Rain Canopies (at selected locations)
    American Steel and Recycled Aluminum Composite, LED lights, column Integrated Downspout

BSA Location

2) Branded Supply

Propel’s Branded Supply station gives our station partners the ability to add and operate renewable fuels to their station. They continue to provide the same customer fueling experience you have come to expect from Propel, plus a full range fueling options from high performance renewable fuels (Flex Fuel E85, biodiesel) to conventional fuels (gasoline).

Under the management of our station partners, our Branded Supply stations continue to offer all the same benefits and services of our Clean Fuel Points.


3) Clean Mobility Centers

Propel’s Clean Mobility Centers provide more than just clean fuel. we own and operate an entire fuels station that provides a distinctly different customer fueling experience, offering a full range of high performance renewable fuels (Flex Fuel E85, biodiesel) alongside conventional fuels (gasoline). Customers can also offset their carbon footprint when filling with conventional fuels and feel even better about their purchase.

In addition to everything our standard Clean Fuel Points offer, Clean Mobility Centers feature:

  • Free Air for Tires
    It’s been proven that proper tire pressure improves fuel economy. Air up for free and boost those MPGs
  • Carbon Offset Offerings
    Offset the carbon associated with conventional fuel purchases right from the pump and directly invest in clean air projects that improve the health of our planet. Learn more about CarbonOffset
  • Rideshare and Community Transportation Resources
    Local bike maps, bus and train routes and carpooling information to support your car-free commute
  • Bicycle Tuning Stations
    Free tire pumps and bike tools for our communities’ most economical and environmentally-friendly commuters
  • Recyling at the Pump
    Convenient receptacles for those stray cans and water bottles

Carbon-Neutral, Eco-Conscious Design

carbonfundAll of Propel’s stations are green-built and feature sustainable design, ultra-low power draw, efficient LED lighting, paperless transaction options, recycled construction components and carbon-neutral operation in partnership with Carbonfund.org. Propel is also the first fuel company to offer customers the choice to Carbon Offset conventional fuel purchases(select locations), enabling drivers to make cleaner, healthier choices regardless of their vehicle technology.

Safe Fueling

The safety of our customers, our employees and our communities is always our top priority. Every Propel location provides a thoroughly safe fueling experience thanks to:

State of the art leak detection • Dual-wall, above- or below-ground tank that self-contains potential spills • Impact and ballistics-proof tank construction • 30mph-impact-proof bollards • Hose breakaway shut-off and on-site emergency shut-off

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